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Mission Statement of the Corrections and Treatment Committee
1.  To help facilitate carrying the message of Alcoholics Anonymous in a consistent manner to as many alcoholics in as many institutions within our district as possible.
2.  To incorporate as many members of the local AA community in carrying out our primary purpose, and to conduct open dialogue with accurate and timely information between this committee and the groups it serves.
3.  To guide all volunteers to act as good guest in the institutions we are allowed to serve in and to live up to Dr. Silkworth’s promise that AA may be "relied upon absolutely."
Would you like the opportunity for Twelfth Step work with our Corrections committee activities?  
For more information, click here.
Would you like the opportunity for Twelfth Step work with our Treatment committee activities?
For more information, click here.
  To volunteer for either of these opportunities, contact Dan R at: 
District 04 Corrections & Treatment Chair